Library Of Congress Christmas Tree
Ornament Project
"Creativity Across America"
---The Project
After visiting the Library of Congress in Washington DC in December, 2004 and seeing the Christmas tree in the beautiful lobby area, I was inspired to help them out, as they have helped me, by organizing a group of talented painters to create some new ornaments for their holiday tree. I'm hoping you will want to participate in the creation of new ornaments for the 2005 Library of Congress Christmas Tree. I am working with Michelle Chin, the Senior Interior Designer at the Library of Congress on this exciting project.
The Library of Congress is the governmental body that registers the copyrights on our paintings, designs, prints, photographs, books and other original works.  As some of you may know, for several years I have been working on multiple copyright infringement lawsuits, as the designs in my first book were copied by the imported gift market and sold as decorative accessories in US stores. I have successfully resolved all my cases now,  thanks to my great attorney and to the protection offered to me by the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress.  As artists we are all indebted to the protection provided to us in our copyrights, so I'm hoping that you will help express our appreciation for the help we get by participating in this special opportunity.

---The Project Details

  • See full project specifications here. There are certain rules that must be followed.
  • I will be travel teaching in the UK from Sept. 22-October 3, so I will be unable to ship ornaments at that time!  Please order early!

  • The Library of  Congress will hold a Holiday Celebration  on December 14, 2005 and the ornaments will be seen on the Library's holiday tree in the Great Hall of the Jefferson Building. They would like to acknowledge the entire group of artists at that time.  All participating artists are welcome to attend.

  • The theme for the display is "Creativity Across America", and we have chosen wooden books for the surface .  There are specific colors that the books must be basecoated in, and each artist will design and paint the cover as a book about their state. "Tales from Texas" or  "Living in Louisiana", "Wisconsin Winters", etc. are some examples. We will be painting several hundred ornaments, so there will be several from each state.

  • Each artist is required to include brief written info about themselves and their ornament. 

  • There is a cost to purchase the ornament to cover the surface expense, shipping materials, and postage. The book will be sent to you Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.  The submitting artist will mail the ornament back at their own expense.

  • Each artist is limited to one submission, although you may order additional books if you would like to have them to practice on.

  • The deadline to return the ornaments TO ME is October 24 2005, as they will all have to be cataloged by me and then shipped on to the Library of Congress around the first of November. Sorry, I won't be able to accept for submission any late ornaments. Please don't send your ornaments directly to the Library of Congress as they require them to all be sent in one container.

  • The ornaments submitted to the Library of Congress will not be returned to you.

If I've forgotten anything, or you have a question, please feel free to contact me  at debmalewski@sbcglobal.net