Free Pattern!
copyright 2002 dmalewski
As a gift for all your kind words and support in my designing ventures, I am offering this free painting pattern. It is painted on a "rose" pot, a terra cotta flower pot, but it can be put on other surfaces, too.

Deb Malewski
Palette: DecoArt Americana Paints: Buttermilk, Khaki Tan, Heritage Brick, Hot Shots Fiery Red, Williamsburg Blue, Milk Chocolate, Marigold, Raw Sienna, Lamp Black, Evergreen, Sable Brown

Brushes: Sponge brush for basecoating and varnishing, Lowe-Cornell #8,#10 flat shaders, 10/0 liner. Stiff bristle brush for fly specking.

Base pot  with Buttermilk, excluding the rim (rim will be painted later).
Sponge Khaki Tan, using a small, slightly dampened, sea sponge. I tear off small pieces to to small pots like this.   Apply the paint to the sponge lightly.  I usually apply it once to my paper towel to remove some of the paint and to spread out the paint on the sponge more.  "Pounce" with the sponge on the pot, rotating your wrist a bit to have more variety in the texture the sponge gives.

Rim is Heritage Brick, and also the inside of the pot. This will take several coats.
Shade right below the rim, on the outside, with Milk Chocolate.  I also shaded with Milk Chocolate around the base of the pot.

When dry, apply main lines of pattern.  
Base house in Heritage Brick, two coats if necessary.  While second coat is still
wet, brush on Hot Shots Florescent Red in the center to highlight, both
vertically and horizontally in upper center of house. It doesn't have to be a perfect float.  When it dries, dry brush more of the Hot Shots to add more intensity to the highlight. The Fiery Red will look terribly bright while wet, but it will look just right when dry.
If you don't have the Hot Shots Fiery Red, you can substitute Antique Rose,
but it won't have the same glow. 

Shade under roof area with Black.  Repeat  with several light floats of color to deepen the shading, and make the house appear to recede back from the roof. Make the birdhouse hole with the end of
your paintbrush using Lamp Black, and  a small dot for the perch with Black

Roof is Williamsburg Blue, although in the photo it looks like a lighter blue.  Squares on roof are made with your #8 flat brush and
Buttermilk. I shaded the Buttermilk squares with Sable Brown.

Shade around all sides of house and roof with Milk Chocolate.
Apply pattern for star and leaves.
Star is Marigold, shaded with Raw Sienna at the bottom,  and highlighted
with white at the top. Outline with liner brush using Lamp Black.

Leaves are Evergreen, with Buttermilk loaded on one side of your brush, and
made with your #8 flat brush. Blend the two colors in slightly by stroking on your palette, then apply to pot.   Outline the leaves and add stems with
Evergreen, using liner brush.

Varnish inside and out.  Fly speck with slightly thinned Lamp Black, if desired.
All rights reserved. Copyright Deb Malewski, 2000--2007

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