This is something I have planned to do for a long time now, but just never seem to get to it.  I am so touched when people send me photos of what they have done with my designs, and would like to show everyone the talent that is shared with me!!  I am amazed at the creativity out there! 

If you have something that you have painted using my design, send me a photo!
Jo  Miodonska in Scotland painted this for a sick friend!  I love it!

Donna Bailey painted this sweet bear on a glass brick! How clever!

Donna also did a "boy" version of her glass block!  She adapted my pattern to this, and she did a great job!
I love the daisies Julie Farell painted with this sweet teddy bear!  She painted it as a memory box. 

Berni Dupre from California painted this candy cane teddy bear! Didn't she do a great job!

Dion, a VERY prolific and talented painter, did these adorable buckets with the chick I have featured in Paintworks magazine!
More from Dion, this time she painted these snowmen lightbulbs from a class I taught at Toletown!
Show me what you painted!  Send your photos to me at

Jean Baird, England, for her grandson!
Show me what you painted!  Send your photos to me at

This chair and this planter were both painted by Anette Dopler, a talented Swedish girl living in Salzburg Austria. Thanks, Anette!

This cute Halloween bucket was painted by Pat aka "Skooterbird" from Canada!  What a great idea!

Dion's version of the same design!  I love it!  She also took the individual characters and used them separately.

Another great job from Dion!